Farm Hostess

Welcome to the Farm Hostess page, where I will share ideas about home-cooking and entertaining, and provide you with a glimpse of life on our family farm and ranch near Winters, California. I hope that you enjoy trying out some recipes that are based on the foods that we grow on our diversified agricultural operation in Northern California. My husband–a fifth-generation farmer and rancher in this area—our children and I live in a rice-straw-bale home that’s situated next to a row-crop field where we rotate processing tomatoes, corn, sunflowers and wheat. Almonds and walnuts are the latest additions to the dozen or so crops that we produce. Sheep and beef cattle graze our rangeland in the adjacent foothills of California’s Coast Range. We enjoy hosting gatherings of family, friends and business associates. I’ve always enjoyed the art of cooking and making everyone feel at home when they walk through our front door. I also have a passion for history which I intend to convey in my posts and old family recipes. I invite you to come along and experience our rural way of life out here in the great American West.