Agricultural Family of the Year

Our family was recently honored as the Yolo County Farm Bureau 2018 Agricultural Family of the Year. We were recognized at the organization’s annual meeting held at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, California. It felt great to be appreciated by our fellow farmers and ranchers, as well as our extended family members and friends who celebrated the occasion with us! There was also nice article published in the Daily Democrat newspaper.

Rominger Family Tradition

Here’s my brother-in-law Rick carrying homemade sausage during our annual Rominger family hog-butchering event. This family tradition goes back to the 1800s when the first generation of Romingers emigrated from Germany to California. We processed seven hogs this year; we put sausage in the smokehouse that my husband Bruce built, and prepared hams and bacons for curing. It’s a two-day event that always takes place in January, when the weather is cold, and includes breakfast pastries and potluck lunches. We had about 30 family members and friends join us this year–it was a work party!