Robyn’s Books

A Ranch For Generations

This nonfiction book is about the history of a ranch from the time it was first settled in the mid-1800s during the California Gold Rush. The book chronicles the lives of the people who lived there and the situations that they faced along the way, from their family and business lives to their romantic encounters.

Robyn held a book-signing for A Ranch For Generations at the Winters History Museum in Winters, California.

A Land Filled With Horses: The Yanci Ranch

In this nonfiction book, “A Land Filled With Horses: The Yanci Ranch,” Robyn reveals a horse-rescue operation that took place on a secluded ranch in Northern California. Two men raised registered sporthorses on the remote, 800-acre ranch. But when they had a falling out, one partner left, while the other man allowed his share of spotted draft horses to run free and reproduce indiscriminately. It was estimated that 500 horses roamed freely on the ranch over a 17-year period. When a drought occurred, there was not enough pasture grass to support the herd and the animals broke through the fences in search of food. At that point, the plight of the horses became evident and caring people stepped in to rescue the semi-feral herd.

Book Cover Image

Robyn Rominger holds a copy of her book, A Land Filled With Horses, at the Woodland (California) Public Library’s recent Read, Rumble and Rev book fair. Community members attended the family-friendly literacy event that included different types of vehicles on display and free books to encourage reading for pleasure.