Robyn Rominger is an award-winning journalist, author and food blogger. She has more than 30 years of professional experience writing about agricultural, equestrian and lifestyle topics. She draws from her diverse experiences in the farming and ranching industries, including her life and work on the family farm located north of Winters, California. Robyn has written stories and taken photos for various national, regional and local publications including Ag Alert, the Bloodhorse, California Cling Peach Review, California Country, Cotton Farming, Daily Democrat, Rice Journal, Sacramento Business Journal, Vacaville Reporter, Western Farm Press and Western Times. Robyn is also an author of local-history books, including A Land Filled With Horses; The Yanci Ranch, a non-fiction story about a horse-rescue operation; and A Ranch For Generations, a book about a historic livestock ranch in Northern California. In addition, Robyn writes about all things related to food, including her own recipes, which she posts on her Farm Hostess food blog.

“My goal is to craft a story that catches the reader’s attention.”

Robyn Rominger