Horses need homes

060Horses need homes

We are still looking for homes for several of the horses that we acquired when we bought a neighboring ranch to expand our sheep operation. The horses range in age from this Thoroughbred/Quarter horse filly who was born on June 13th, to a 26-year-old Appaloosa/Percheron broodmare. So far, we have found homes for 20 of the 30 horses that were left behind on our new ranch by the previous owners, thanks in part to local horse trainers including Christa Petrillo. Please help spread the word to fellow horse enthusiasts who may be interested in adopting a horse.

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  1. I sincerely hope you can find a home for her. Did I see something on the ranch page about trail riding being allowed? I am on the Board of the Circle D . We may be looking for a place to have a fund raiser for St. Judes. We do one every year.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Yes, we have a trail-riding business called Rominger Trails ( Please call us at 530-662-5569 so we can learn more about your event and how we may be able to help. Thank you!

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